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1/4 J3 CUB KIT, 108"WS, 60-108/90-120 4C
The Piper J-3 Cub is arguably the most recoginzable light aircraft ever manufactured.
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The first Perfect 1/4 Scale Model!!

The Piper J-3 Cub is arguably the most recoginzable light aircraft ever manufactured. If it's yellow, its got to be a Cub! During the past 60 years since it's introduction, the Piper Cub has probably been reponsible for training more full scale pilots than any other single aircraft in history and is still going strong today. Balsa USA's 1/4 scale model holds true to its fine tradition. No other Cub kit is as complete for the price. Accurate, in outline, our Cub kit is as easy to build as it is to fly. A complete step-by-step photo illustrated instruction manual leads you through the construction of the model from the start to finish. The hardware package is absolutely complete with over 100 items. This kit is loaded with precision jig-cut and die-cut parts to simplify and speed up the building process. No special tools are necessary because there are no screened parts. Easy to build and even easier to fly, the Cub is the perfect choice for a modelers first 1/4 scale project. The two piece scale wing design comes apart easily, making the model simple to transport and set up. The flying characteristics are absolutely outstanding just like the full scale Cub. The Balsa USA Cub is truly a great kit of a legendary aircraft.


  • Wing Span: 108 inches
  • Wing Area: 1610 sq. in.
  • Wing Loading: 18-20 oz./sq. ft.
  • Flying Weight: 12-14 lbs
  • Fuselage Length: 68 inches
  • Engine Size: .60-1.08 2-Stroke
                      .90-1.20 4-Stroke

Center of Gravity: 4-1/16 inches back from the leading edge of the Wing.

Wing Incidence Angle: 1/2 degree positive.

Control Throws:
Elevator: 1 inch up and down.
Rudder: 1-1/2 inches left and right.
Ailerons: 3/4 inch up and down.
Aileron Differential: 3/4 inch up and 3/8 inch down (differential recommended).

Engine Thrust Line: 1-2 Degrees DOWN, 1 Degrees RIGHT.

Kit Features

  • Full size Rolled Plans and Instructions
  • Removable "2-piece" bolt on wings
  • Pre-bent Wire Landing Gear and Struts
  • Basic Hardware Package
  • Jig and Die cut parts
  • ABS Plastic Cowl
  • Windshield and Window material
  • Decal Set
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