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RC Brushless Racing Drone MJX Bugs B8 Pro with HD Camera and LCD Goggles kit
Complete Racing Drone with FPV Goggles
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Product Description

RC Brushless Racing Drone MJX Bugs B8 Pro with HD Camera and LCD Goggles kit

Complete Racing Drone with FPV Goggles


Looking at getting in Drone Racing? 

The MJX Bugs B8 Pro is the best bang for your buck entry level racing drone that offers outstanding performance and quality. The powerful MJx Bugs 8 Drone is equipped with Powerful brushless motors which is capable of angle Sports mode and Acro mode to provide a more challenging and exciting flight. Incorporating 4 x bigger MT2200 1800kv Brushless Motor and tri-blade racing propellers, it can punch through the skies at amazing speeds and is capable of top speed of 80kmph speed.

It integrates a 720p HD wireless camera that that transmits Video to the the FPV Goggle system kit and puts you in the cockpit of the drone for better response and maneoverability. The FPV doubles as a set of Goggles or an LCD Screen which can mount on the remote controller.

he remote controller is equipped with two way control technology providing you with up to 400m control range. The controller also offers weak signal and low voage alert which sounds an alarm and an led indicator to ensure that you have full control at all time.

It has a built-in independent ESC which provides worry free flight experience. The added ESC provides built-in automatic lock protection to protect the motor from burning out due to dead lock.

It has a high 11.1V 1300mAh capacity rechargeable battery that is capable of up to 14 minutes of flight time.


Angle Mode

Angle mode, also named as Self-level mode, is an assisted flight mode where the flight controller would always attempt to put the aircraft in its neutral position when there is no user control. This means that with your hands off the controls, it will use the accelerometer and the gyroscope to keep the aircraft level.This is the default flight mode. The aircraft can perform flips and rolls if you press the rolls button and operate the control stick.



Acro Mode

Acro mode, as known as rate mode, doesn’t level the aircraft automatically but always requires manualcontrol during flight. Acro mode uses only the Gyro sensor, while angle mode uses both Gyro and Accelerometer. This is the most difficult mode for flying but also the most responsive. Once you have become a skilled pilot, the reason you may want to fly in Acro mode is so that you won’t have the stabilization provided by the other modes, which can with skilled piloting lead to smoother flying andbetter video capture. When in Acro mode, it doesn’t level the aircraft automatically, but requires flexible manual control during flight, which is great for acrobatics such as flips and rolls. You can flip and roll your aircraft by operating the control sticks.


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